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We started our very own country! And this is it’s flag! We’re not lying! And you can buy it today!

In addition to merely existing, this flag is also great fun for amateur vexillologists! Now is your chance to round out, what I presume is, your exhaustive collection of flags! You don’t want to look like a chump in front of your amateur vexillologist friends, do you? You amateur vexillologist?

If you don’t buy this, what will happen when, upon your next amateur vexillology meeting, your amateur vexillologist friends notice a big, sad, empty space on the wall where this flag could be? They’ll laugh at you! They’ll laugh at you until you cry and then quit the amateur vexillology society! 

So, don’t be the odd amateur vexillologist out. Buy this flag! Vexillology forever!

Design by Brandon Lepine.

4' x 3' with metal grommets